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  • me: things would be so much easier if I were attractive.

Plot twist: I actually take cute ass pictures.

  • Plot twist: I'm actually attractive

I wish I was cute.


If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go…. because I would lock you up in my closet so I could make sure I could come grab you whenever I wanted to make out and cuddle.

  • Plot Twist: You meet someone on tumblr who's attractive, likes you back, and lives really close to you.

I just want someone to cuddle with and watch Disney movies with.

Why is it so difficult getting over someone that you weren’t even dating? 

If you can watch Teen Wolf with me all day, hold my hand in public, come to my games, take me to Red Robin, play video games with me, watch movies all day long with me, make me laugh, go to church with me, watch the sunset with me, tuck me in when I’m sick & play with my hair, take pictures with me, handle my attitude and put me in my place…. you’re perfect